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  1. If you are looking at upgrading / renovating your home or are currently in the process of renovating your home electrical wiring, the odds are you will require an electrician. It is best to contact a registered electrician during the initial planning stage.
  2. Upgrade and Renovations can improve the livability and sustainability of your home with careful planning. If you’re thinking of renovating and would like to discuss your project, use the Contact Form to send us any required information and we will get in touch with you at a time that suits you to arrange a meeting.
  3. Our services includes upgrade of switchboards, creating new wiring circuits or extending existing circuits. Upgrade and redesign of lighting and power outlets
  4. Options when it comes to choosing lights. Incandescent bulbs are the old-fashioned, “typical” bulbs that many of us grew up with. They’re not very energy-efficient and they don’t last long. Compact Fluorescent Light (CFLs) - These are the “spiral” bulbs that may come to mind when we think about energy-efficient bulbs but LED bulbs are very energy-efficient and still maintain the look and feel of an incandescent bulb.
  5. LED lights use much less energy than the Incandescent and Fluorescent bulbs because its diode light is much more efficient, power-wise, than filament light. Most people understand that LEDs save energy, and may still hesitate to pay the higher price for LEDs. But it’s worth it, so start thinking of replacing your lightbulbs with LEDs! They do make a difference in style and on your Power Bill. LED lighting prices are also starting to come down with various brands, so speak to our electrician for recommendation and a free quotation.

Louis Crawley

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New Zealand


Email: Phone: +642 21360 417 

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