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  1. Home Ventilation: One in five Kiwi homes are damp. One in three have mould problems as found from research. A good home ventilation system reduces mould, mildew and dangerous spores. It also helps reduce rotting homes and wet streaming windows.
  2. Extract Fans: Where fans are used to remove moisture and other contaminants from kitchens, bathrooms and laundries in housing; the exhaust air must be ducted out. Extraction of wet rooms such as bathroom, toilets and laundry area must be kept separate from kitchen extraction.
  3. Tips in reducing condensation: Use a bathroom heater to warm the room before a shower will assist in reducing condensation. Keep the fan running for at least 5 minutes, and also keep the bathroom door open to aid extraction after a shower.
  4. Extraction Selection: There is various selection of brands and calculations in working out the right fan for the job and that is also an area we can assist with.
  5. I have worked as a HVAC Electrician for a number of years and have vast knowledge of controls on various type of heating/cooling systems in Buildings and Properties.

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